Book Slump and Audio Books

I have recently been in a rather large book slump after reading Flame in the Mist and I wanted to know how other people coped so I recently posted on Instagram to find out. Suggestions were to either reread a book I love or to try a different genre. Some people suggested taking a break from reading and doing another hobby I enjoy.

I like to listen to audio books while I’m working or going for walks and I have used them in the past to get out of these moments. For me, audio books still let you use your imagination the same way as if you were reading a book which is extremely important. When you read a book you want to be able to imagine what’s going on and the voices (I even go as far as saying outloud sometimes the names or characters to see if I might be saying them right) You want to be able to go next with the characters either love them or hate them and be submerged into that world. With audio books I still get that, however the narrator helps with this. I’ve been lucky and from all the audio books I’ve listened to, only two have disappointed me because of the narrator. Unfortunately this has meant that I have also been discouraged to buy the books and try it myself.

To get myself out of this slump I have been doing another hobby (drawing and painting) and listen to audio books. So far this is working and I have began to enjoy reading again. It maybe because I’m doing different things and not just concentrating on reading. I find that sometimes it can be a pressure to read books either to meet a reading challenge goal or to catch up on a series or even trying to catch up with other people. By doing something completely different but still have the audio book in the back ground, I can still submerge myself into the book while drawing.

Don’t get me wrong this may not help for everyone. This might just work for me, but I guess it’s worth a try if you don’t know how else to escape the dreaded book slump

How do you guys cope?

Current audio book.


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