So everyone must have a goodreads ‘want to read’ list that unrealistically long. I know I have and yet I keep adding to it. I don’t know why I do this as a lot of the time I can’t remember whats on the list or end but reading/listening to something different.

Some of these books I even went out and brought just for the sake of it (although that’s just the trait of book lovers 🤣)

Does anyone actually go through their list on goodreads and read the books on there. Or has anyone got 0 books in that list?

These a just a few of the books on my list that I would love to read yet for some reason just haven’t. When I was writting this I went through my list again and saw some books on there that I remembered getting excited over at the time and it brought that feeling back.

There is a mixture of new and older books I’m including here. Which of these books to do you recommend?

2 thoughts on “TBR”

  1. Muse of nightmares is bound to be awesome, and I haven’t met anyone so far who did not enjoy six of crows! Night circus is one of my absolute favourite books, but I would recommend it only if you like slow paced books. It’s one of those that describe stuff in a subtle, lyrical, and eery even, way but the actual thing that’s happening is very powerful. This savage song is on my tbr too!

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