October Reads

I actually managed to get though 6 books this month. Although one book I guess was more of a series, still I enjoyed it so I’m including it.

The books I read this month were….

The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter – 4⭐

Dolly by Susan Hill – 3 ⭐

Goosebumps The Headless Ghost by R.L Stine – 5 ⭐

For audio books I have…….

Mother by S.E. Lynes – 4 ⭐

Escaping from Houdini by Kerri Maniscalco – 4⭐

Real Crime 10 part series. This I wasn’t sure if I should include it. Its 10 episodes at 25mins each. Each episode is a true crime. I’m not going to score this one as I felt its not right to score out of 5 real peoples tragedies.

What books have you read this month? Any of these?

4 thoughts on “October Reads”

  1. I unfortunately only managed to read one full book this month and half of one moyre, I read “a study in charlotte” by Stephanie cavallaro and “in a cottage in a wood” by cass Green, I’m pretty happy though as I have a chronic illness and haven’t been up to reading much this year so the fact I’m picking up books now is great 🙂

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