Carole Matthews

Well what can I say about Carole Matthews. I LOVE HER. Her books are so brilliantly light, funny and fluffy.

I started reading her books about 4 years ago. I wanted something light to read so picked up The Chocolate lovers club. I could not put this book down. Since then I gave virtually read every book she has wrote.

I even managed to get my sister hooked onto her books and she doesn’t read books.

Carole Matthews has a way of sucking you into the characters world that you find you want to be a part of.

A Cottage by Sea got me into looking for holiday homes in Pembrokeshire (going on a tour around there next year) A Chocolate Lover’s series makes you want to open your own chocolate shop ( bewarned chocolate will be needed while reading this book) The Cake Shop in the garden will make you want to holiday in a barge (again, I actually looked into this) and there’s many more.

Fun story, I was in a book shop a few years back when I over heard a lady asking a clerk if they had any Carole Matthews books, she said no. I went over and starting talking to this lady about Matthews books and me suggesting a few as she hadn’t read them. A few other ladies came over and we ended up just having a chat in the middle of the book shop.

These are just a few of my favourite books by Carole Matthews. Have you read any of her books? Which ones have you read and what did you think?

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