Winter Blues

Its been a while since a made a post. Its common knowledge that this time of year people feel down due to the weather, dark days and general stress over christmas. This is certainly true for me. I have tried multiple times to read a book and put it down even though I’m enjoying it. Its not only affecting my reading, but also my get go, drawing, exercise and food.

I will be breaking up for work soonish for the Christmas period and I’m hoping that that will help eliminate a lot of stress. I had 4 books I was hoping to read this month but haven’t touched any of them except one and a random one.

I mannaged to read the first few chapters before putting it down. I keep picking it up as I really do want to read it.

This has been on my list for a long time (before the netflix series came out) After watching the Netflix series I decided to pick it up. Again, I’m really enjoying it but I have no effort in picking it up to try.

I’m interested to know how other people cope in periods like this? Do you suffer from the winter blues?

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