The Date by Louise Jensen Review

Synopsis – Something bad has happened to Alison Taylor.

Her Saturday night started normally. Recently separated from her husband, Ali has been persuaded by her friends to go on a date with a new man. She is ready, she is nervous, she is excited. She is about to take a step into her new future.

By Sunday morning, Ali’s life is unrecognisable. She wakes, and she knows that something is wrong. She is home, she is alone, she is hurt and she has no memory of what happened to her.

Worse still, when she looks in the mirror, Ali doesn’t recognise the face staring back at her. She can’t recognise her friends and family. And she can’t recognise the person who is trying to destroy her…

I’ll start this by saying I hadn’t expected this story to go the way it did.

Its starts off by being introduced to Ali who’s brother has taken her to the doctors due to her wounds and lack of memory, including her inability to recognise faces, including her own. Everyone jumps to the conclusion that her blind date has drugged and raped her.

On top of the attack, her friend Chrissy who she lives with has gone missing and Ali believes she has something to do with it.

The story follows Ali trying to regain her memory from that night, she tries going back to the bar where she had her date, looked back on the CCTV where she thinks she sees herself arguing with Chrissy and her own Ex-Husband. She also tries hypnotherapy but her friend Jules stops it before she remembers anything.

The story bounces back and forth between present day and to the time she turned 12 where something tragic happened to her. We find out that her father was arrested when he and a few others tried to rob a post office and a customer was tragically shot and killed in front of her 2 young children.

I feel you have to be careful when speaking about about the story as so much happens I’m worried incase I spoil the story. And I really don’t want to. I loved this story and I feel you need to read/ listen to it.

Its full of twists and really keeps you guessing.

Sorry its a short review but I really don’t want to ruin this story. If you enjoy psychological thriller, give this story a try.

Have you read this book? What did you think? Is this on your list?

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