DNF’d books

As I haven’t read alot this year I thought I’d take a look at some books which I dnf’d but really wish I liked. Even some I read but really wish I hadn’t.

I began reading this book when I first got into YA books and I only managed to chapter 3 before I had to give in. I tried again a year later, but I still couldn’t get past that chapter. I don’t know why I couldn’t get into it as for me it held alot of potential and sounded definitely like my kind of book. Unfortunately I ended up using this book for Instagram photos and tore in apart.

I tried so so hard with this book. I was watching Piéra Forde on YouTube and she mentioned this book. Again it seemed like my kind of book but when I began reading it I had a Memoirs of a Geisha feel. I got about a third of the way through and had to give in. I will actually at some point try and read this again as I went and brought the second book not long ago for some reason. (Again I’m blaming Piéra Forde 🤣)

This was the first book I got out of a book box subscription. I love the cover and even the pages (red ink) however I’m not keen on The Phantom of the Opera and this is a retelling. I must admit I went into this book not keen on the theme anyway so that probably didn’t help. I didn’t last long with this and ended up giving it away.

I really really wanted to like this book. I love Caraval and this was recommend to me. I got this on audio first and unfortunately could not get around the actors voice. That put me off straight away. Now, I’m not going to be dismissing this book as I went and brought a paperback version so I will be trying again (I love carnival feelings)

Oh……. what a dissapointment. I’ve had this book for ages and yes I picked it up due to the netflix series. I love the film and the series and the books are normally better….. right? I struggled so much with this book and it breaks my heart. I love a good ghost story and I was half way through this and nothing was happening. It took me 3 months to read around 100 pages. Not good.

Now this is a odd one. I’m listening to this on audio and I can not stand the actors voice. I have actually listened to The Raven Boys twice, The Dream Theives twice and now I’m on to Blue Lily Lily Blue. I have tried reading these and I can’t follow it and I’m not keen on the writing. However gor some reason I’m still going through them. I even ordered The Raven King. So yeah, I’m not enjoying them yet I’m listening to them…. 🙃

I would love to know what books have you dnf’d but wish you’d enjoyed? Any on my list?

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